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To resolve or not to resolve?

I’d like to share an article I wrote about New Year’s resolutions. I know it’s been several days now since the time of making resolutions, and statistically somewhere around 31% of people have jumped off the wagon by now, depending … Continue reading

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Fire near Louise Bridge

On Wednesday night, when I should have been working on my journalism assignment, I was out chasing a story. I was driving with someone (interviewing her for my assignment, honest!), heading north on the Disraeli, when we smelled something burning. … Continue reading

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Concert: In 2 Months

The Concert Friday night (or very early Saturday morning, however you’d like to look at it) I headed downtown to the Standard to catch a concert put on by In 2 Months, a band I have some connections to. The … Continue reading

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In 2 Months … Tomorrow

Tonight I went to see the punk rock band In 2 Months. A concert of this nature is not something I regularly attend, but part of my quest to search out new and different art forms. This means trying new … Continue reading

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The Art of Winnipeg

Everyone has their own way of going about life: how you make your way around, what you clothe yourself with, who you allow to surround you, and all of these add up to your own compilation or creation of life. … Continue reading

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