About Jenna Friesen

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Ramage: http://ramagestudios.wordpress.com/

Jenna Friesen loves art, and while she does not create every kind (who does?), she appreciates others’ work and enjoys learning more about art.

Jenna is a filmmaker at heart. She has created several short films and loves the editing process, because that’s where everything comes together. She also writes both fiction and non-fiction.

Since she did not grow up in Winnipeg, Jenna is launching this project partially from the desire to connect with the artist community which is large and becoming more prominent in the city.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Ramage: http://ramagestudios.wordpress.com/

Currently studying Creative Communications at Red River College in downtown Winnipeg, Jenna loves learning about creative and social media. Although this wasn’t true when she was younger, it is safe to say that she is an avid learner.

Jenna is active on Twitter, and you are welcome to follow her: @jmgfriesen. She is also on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading! If you are an artist in Winnipeg, Jenna would love to connect with you! Leave a comment, email artofwinnipeg@gmail.com, or send a message on Twitter!


3 Responses to About Jenna Friesen

  1. jenkakio says:

    I love it! This is WAY better than mines! That’s so cool that you are taking creative communications. I’m thinking about going into Communication, but the communication programs in Hawaii are geared toward Journalist or PR. I was thinking about going into Graphic Design, but I’m not too sure if that’s exactly what I want to do. I’m a lost puppy, as you can tell. LOL

  2. jenkakio says:

    I don’t see anything missing, it all depends on what you want to tell people. I think you covered all the big points and I have a good idea on what you will be blogging about: school, art, life in Winnipeg, and films. I believe you did a great job. I like it.

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