In 2 Months Rocks Cavern

Ryan Braun, bass guitarist and vocalist, plays during one of In 2 Months' final songs

Wow! It’s time to let you know about another exciting In 2 Months (I2M) concert I went to. It was several days ago already – the concert happened October 21.

The Cavern on Osborne was the location for the concert this time, and it was (again) a blast. The lack of a drunk, vulgar touring band was a welcome change, and I2M started the night off in a much better fashion.

Stevo, expressive lead singer for In 2 Months.

I really enjoyed the lighting at The Cavern; it allowed for some pretty sweet photos. I’m loving the opportunity to play around more with my camera.

It’s pretty busy with school and having the chance to further develop my skills is awesome. So here are some photos; the captions will let you know who’s who.

If you’re looking for more information about In 2 Months, there are some details on the band’s history in my previous post about them – I interviewed Ray Braun (electric guitar and vocals) about how In 2 Months has reached the point that it is today. There are also more details here.

So enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think! There’s another concert coming up on November 19 – check out the event page and write it into your schedule!

From left: Ray Braun, Scott Patterson, Ryan Braun, and Andy Funk play at In 2 Months' concert.

Scott Patterson owns the beat for In 2 Months

Andy Funk provides vocals along with his electric guitar skills.

Ray Braun rocks with his electric guitar.

Stevo belts out the lyrics to an In 2 Months song at their Oct 21 concert.


About Jenna Marie

Jenna is a communications student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's almost finished studying at Red River College and looking forward to whatever's coming next.
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4 Responses to In 2 Months Rocks Cavern

  1. Funk Andy J. says:

    One thing, Jenna…Andy Funk plays electric guitar/lead guitar. You had it down as bass guitar…hehe. I know, I’m so picky eh? Otherwise, I loved the pics…much better lighting that at the Standard, for sure!


    • Ah! Sorry about that! You can tell I was doing this late at night and falling asleep at the same time, hey? Got it all fixed now – and I don’t consider that picky at all. I want it to be perfect!

      • Funk Andy J. says:

        no worries… 😀 I totally get it. Thanks again for all the great pictures you’ve been taking and the gracious write-ups. We really appreciate it all very much!


  2. Funk Andy J. says:

    Also, it’s Ryan who plays bass 😀

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