Blogging: what, why, and HOW?

 Thinking about Blogging

Recently I’ve been doing some serious thinking about my blog.

I want it to be a valuable resource for people, and a busy school schedule combined with just a bit of uncertainty about what exactly I’m supposed to be doing has made that achievement seem difficult and somewhat unachieveable.

So today I did some research about the purpose and how-to’s of blogging, and I’m thinking there are some valuable things to take note of.

The Purpose of Blogging

There are a few reasons why someone might blog. There are blogs for sharing pictures, blogs that review movies, talk about sports teams and analyze successes or failures, political blogs, cooking blogs, creative writing, and many, many, MANY more.

Generally people write a blog for others to read. (Sometimes there are private blogs, more online journal than web log to share with others, but they are less common and often hidden.) If a blog is something that [ideally] interests others, it begs the question: what do people want to read about?

One resource I found says that people like reading blogs because they enjoy hearing what their peers (or other people who think like or unlike them) think. And it is fun to learn about others’ opinions. This would primarily apply to personal blogs (journal-style), although it could work for others types too (“I loved this recipe, and here it is!”).

That leads me to another reason someone might read a blog, and that is to learn. I love the cooking blogs that I find that include a recipe and pictures, so I know when I’m doing things right. The only time I didn’t like this was when I tried to make pitas and they wouldn’t puff up – I was staring between a beautiful picture of puffy pitas and my very flat wannabes. But that was just one time.

Are there other reasons people read blogs? I’d say so – keeping up with the news is another one – but I think that hearing opinions and learning skills are probably the two biggest ones.

Writing for Readers

Knowing why people read blogs is invaluable for you as you write your blog. Figure out your niche market. Some ways to do that include studying blogs that you’d like to emulate, creating a goal (mission statement), and determining your angle.

If you’re looking to make your blog more focused, or if you’re thinking about starting a blog or thinking about re-purposing the one you have, do some research. There are lots of resources online if you want to Set yourself up for success by planning a little ahead.

Select a catchy title, brainstorm your topic, narrow it down, and decide how often you’ll post so your blog will be consistent, sustainable, and interesting to you to write!


About Jenna Marie

Jenna is a communications student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's almost finished studying at Red River College and looking forward to whatever's coming next.
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2 Responses to Blogging: what, why, and HOW?

  1. Daddy O says:

    jenna, make your blog FOR smartphones, not “smartphone ready”…..that way people can read it! there is no “zoom” option and there for with my eagle eyes it becomes nearly a waste of time to try!! just went to a great social networking keynote address…..this is one key he referenced!

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