Fire near Louise Bridge

On Wednesday night, when I should have been working on my journalism assignment, I was out chasing a story.

I was driving with someone (interviewing her for my assignment, honest!), heading north on the Disraeli, when we smelled something burning. I looked out the window and saw a massive column of smoke with flames bursting up! When I got home I grabbed my camera and my husband and we took a drive to find out what was going on.So this was my first ‘real’ journalistic adventure! We were blocked off by police from getting too close but we went down Waterfront Drive and grabbed some photos and video. I also took some from a closer location.I was following the feeds on Twitter (I mentioned the fire first to my knowledge) and posted these photos as soon as I could. I also sent them to CTV, who appeared to like them. Check it out!So that was my adventure. I felt like a real reporter and it was really cool to see my photo used by CTV. I look forward to more experiences like this in the future!


About Jenna Marie

Jenna is a communications student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's almost finished studying at Red River College and looking forward to whatever's coming next.
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3 Responses to Fire near Louise Bridge

  1. Allison says:

    love your pictures! even though I literally just said that to you out loud I will now say it again

  2. JLuschinski says:

    Great pictures! And congrats on the publicity, you deserve it.

  3. Just caught these photos on your blog! They look phenomenal, some great photojournalism going on. 🙂

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