Defining Art

When someone says that he or she is an artist, what does that mean to you? When you describe something as artistic, what do you mean?

Art seems to be one of those words that is a bit different to everyone – and coming up with a definition can be pretty tough. Webster tries, though, and I found the variety of meanings interesting, so check it out.

What do you consider to be a work of art?

But the dictionary definition often differs widely from lived-out definition of a word. So I leave it to you, readers. What is it that you would grant the title of art? Is there anything artistic or creative that’s happening in your world?

Part of my excitement over this blog is my decision to explore the art of Winnipeg, but in order to do that I have to know what I’m looking for.


About Jenna Marie

Jenna is a communications student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's almost finished studying at Red River College and looking forward to whatever's coming next.
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2 Responses to Defining Art

  1. Chaley Voth says:

    Art, I believe is defined by the individual interacting with it. If there is no interaction there is little incentive to deem something ‘art’ and it must settle for ‘kitch’ at best. Interaction- relationship between the subject and the audience- is the key, in my humble opinion.

  2. Alana says:

    Tricky question…. I need to think on it….

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