The Art of Winnipeg

Everyone has their own way of going about life: how you make your way around, what you clothe yourself with, who you allow to surround you, and all of these add up to your own compilation or creation of life. It could even be said that life itself is an art, with every person creating their own work. The colors, the sounds, the events; everything comes together to create that perfect portrait. The breathtaking symphony. The flawless film.

My own piece, my art of life, was greatly changed and altered upon my move to Winnipeg from Ontario, where I grew up. I am slowly learning that there is a lot going on here artistically that sometimes falls under the radar. So, for the sake of my own life art, as well as for the undiscovered artistic ventures of many, this blog will be devoted to discovering and experiencing the art of Winnipeg – the plays, drawings, music, films, and more that make our lives here flow like a beautiful work in progress. I don’t know about you, but I want to learn the tricks, the ins and outs – I wish to become a master of the Art of Winnipeg.

Until next time,
Jenna Friesen


About Jenna Marie

Jenna is a communications student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's almost finished studying at Red River College and looking forward to whatever's coming next.
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